What to do with 100 pounds of fiber...

skirting alpaca fleece 2Do you ever check the labels on your clothing and discover that an item is made of alpaca or other natural fibers?
Beaver Ponds is working toward creating useful and artful objects with our fiber -- from the coats of our llama, alpacas, and goats.  Over the past two years, we have collected close to 100 pounds of fiber from our alpacas - Boone, Zeb, Nash, Quantam, Radar, and Kaya, our Llama - Donzi, our angoras - Jellybean and Kalahari, and last but certainly not least our Cashmeres - Viola and Miranda.  Don't you agree that they have been very generous?  We will process about a three-quarters of the collected fiber and retain the rest as raw fiber to be used in future workshops. 
With the help of one our volunteers, Ellwood Barrett, we skirted our fiber -- the process of removing anything from the fleece that is dirty, coarse, contaminated, or otherwise unusable -- in preparation for having the fiber processed.  In addition, Elwood is using some of the fiber to learn about cleaning, carding, and spinning.  After processing, we will have several skeins of fiber with which to make creative projects. 
Beaver Ponds has approached our local senior center to enlist them to help with spinning, knitting, weaving, and felting our fiber into products and art objects to sell locally.  We recently submitted a grant proposal to the Denver Foundation and Staples Foundation to help with funding this project.

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