Poop and Wool

Are you curious how alpacas fit into Beaver Ponds sustainability picture?

The answer is two-fold: poop and wool.

QuantumAlpacas are unique because their manure isn't "hot" and therefore is able to be used to fertilize plants without having to wait for it to process for a couple years. While the alpacas are eating and digesting and lending a helping hand to the food and plants we are growing, they are also growing their fiber that we have been gathering and now have processed into yarn!

Thanks to SunCrest Fiber Works in Palisades, CO for processing over seventy pounds of Beaver Ponds fiber! After processing, we ended up with 82 skeins of yarn totaling over 16,000 yards of worsted yarn, almost 1000 yards of rug yarn, and 7 pounds of batts that are ready for spinning. 

 Rug yarnThe majority of the yarn is black, due to our three young black alpacas but our number one producer is Nash, with his beautiful dark brown coat. We also have white and light brown yarn. The rug yarn comes in white, brown, a mix of black and brown and a mixture of greys from our suri llama Donzi.

If you're interested in purchasing yarn, please send us a note via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We'll also have the yarn and batts available during Burro Days, July 30-31st and the Fiber and Bead Festival, August 13-14th, in Fairplay, CO.

Prices are:

$20/200 yard skein for the worsted yarn

$18/pound for the rug yarn

$15/pound for batts plus shipping cost.

This is a wonderful way to support Beaver Ponds and to create sustainable pieces from our lovely rescue alpacas and llama that we have taken in over the past four years.

The alpacas have been good fleece producers and a great teaching tool for students and visitors about how alpacas fit into the sustainability equation.

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