Six participants gathered at Beaver Ponds on August 5th to learn how to make dye with local plants. What a beautiful day it was. A little rainy but not enough to put out our cooking fire. Our instructor, Jane Wunder, gave an overview of natural fibers and natural dyes. We then went into the field and collected our materials to make dyes. Eric Chatt gave an overview on the medicinal properties of the plants we gathered.  We added our materials to two large pots and boiled them for about an hour.  The we strained the material (which smelled like heavenly tea) and added cotton and wool yarns. While we boiled those again, we ate lunch and toured the barns and greenhouses.  Natural dyeing can always create surprises. We were going for purple in one pot but got a lovely shade of subtle green. The other pot turned out a rich golden yellow dye. All participants took home some dye and some dyed fiber. Check out our schedule for upcoming classes.