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Internship Opportunities

Summer/Fall 2016

 Fiber Program

Work with Beaver Ponds Program Coordinator to develop and implement a program to utilize animal fiber from Beaver Ponds alpacas, llama and goats.  Through outreach and workshops, we will create a community program to work with local fiber crafters and artists to create sustainable clothing and art from Beaver Ponds fleece.  Hours are negotiable. Some work from home would be available.


Help us create a permanent map of abandoned beaver ponds, the main channel of Sacramento Creek and its riparian zone. Must be good with GPS and or had experience with geocaching.  You will learn how to use GPS to create maps. Work will be two or three eight hour days per week. Exact days are negotiable.  You get to work outside in a beautiful place.

Local Medicinal Herbs

Assist our garden manager to research identify and map local medicinal herbs. You may have the option to create medicinal tinctures and ointments.  You may create a local, medicinal plant guidebook. Exact working days are negotiable. Work times per day to be determined.  Some work could be completed at home.

Alpaca Compost

Help Beaver Ponds develop and market compost from alpaca manure.  Learn about alpacas, compost and marketing strategies. Work with local community and online sales.  Work days and hours per day are flexible.

Social Media

Help coordinate, improve and grow our social media efforts.  This position is unique in that it can be done remotely and has the potential to affect real change for this local environmental education center.  While BP has a presence on Facebook, this internship would be to specifically: 1) grow the BP “friends” base, 2) create and grow our Twitter presence, and 3) create and grow our Instagram presence.  Working with and reporting to the Director of Development 3-5 hours/week would be ideal.  All necessary materials for success will be provided by BP (photos, information, etc.) – the intern would be responsible for creating successful campaign/s.  Ideal for a self-starter and someone looking to demonstrate growth in their profession.  The intern is responsible for using their own computer.  An optional part of this internship could be integrated fundraising and blog components depending on the interest of the student.

Lesson Plans for Kids

Develop fun, interactive lesson plans/activities for kids for a multitude of topics including beavers and other mammals, high altitude ecosystems, climate change in the mountains, endemic plants/animals, alternative energy (five types), greenhouse, all types of farm animals, watershed, etc.  Work could be at home or Beaver Ponds. Hours are flexible and will be fit your schedule.

Develop Your Own Proposal

Do you see something else at Beaver Ponds that you’d like to create a project around?  Send us a proposal. Proposal should consist of:

  • Title
  • Project Description:  at least two paragraphs describing you proposed project. Include what you want to learn, how you would learn and areas of focus
  • Deliverables:  at least one paragraph on what your deliverables would be
  • Methodology:  Include methods (physical study, internet research, etc) your time commitment and begin and end dates

Please contact Kristin Barrett for more information.

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