Book of the Month

A Kid’s Summer EcoJournal: With Nature Activities for Exploring the Season

A Kid’s Summer EcoJournal invites kids to write about nature on pages exquisitely illustrated by Margaret Brandt. The author has included short entries from her nature journals, which express her irrepressible and unflagging delight in the natural world. Kids love to read about Trickle Creek, where fawns play on the lawn and young raccoons steal plums in the orchard. The Summer EcoJournal is packed with nature activities for exploring summer.

Activity of the Month

Make a Boat out of Recycled Objects

This activity is great because it gets kids to create their own toy. Using a juice box, heavy paper (consider using junk mail), and a stick, kids can make and decorate their very own boat. Once it’s made, head out to the stream and let them use their imagination. Here is a how-to to help ignite your inspiration:

Cut the edge off a juice box. Cut out a sail or two from heavy paper (fabric could also be used,) embellish the sails if you wish and put a hole in the middle at the top and bottom of the sail. Next slip a lightweight stick or long straw through the holes and push the stick into a lump of Blu Tack. Push the Blu Tack to the bottom of the carton and launch your boat. Simple!

Kids Collaboration of the Month

Environmental education (EE) connects us to the world around us, teaching us about both natural and built environments. Proactively speaking with your children about the environment and their stewardship role within it creates both happy space and happy places. This month’s collaboration topic to discuss is:

The 5 R’s


And the overall concept to integrate into each of these: Rethink!

First discuss waste and what it is. Discuss the meaning of each of the 5 Rs. Involve your child in collecting waste from the home (start with a day). For each piece of waste your child collects have them identify one or more of the 5Rs that could be implemented with that waste. Can we clean this plastic container and use it for storage? Can we place this can in the recycle bin? Could we have refused this in the fi

by Toni Albert, Margaret Brandt (Illustrator)