Native Plant Imprints

When: Saturday, August 25th, 2018 – 9am to 1pm
Where: BPEEC – 2234 Busch Run Road, Fairplay CO
Cost: $25 per person, cash or check at the workshop
This workshop is for Adults and kids 15 and over

During this exciting workshop we will learn to create fabrics dyed with natural plant imprints. Our naturopathic expert, Eric Chatt will lead us on a plant walk to collect local, native plants suitable material to make the imprints. Eric will also discuss the medicinal qualities of many of the plants. You will lay out your design onto the fabric which will then be rolled up and steamed over a wood fire to create the print. We will also learn a method you can do at home using only the sun to create the imprints. All materials provided. Please bring a sack lunch

Click here for a printable PDF with this event information.

Registration closes August 22, 2018.
To register: Contact Kristin Barrett at 719-836-0123 or or fill out the form below.

Registration: Native Plant Imprints

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September 30, 10am - 12pm
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Plant Walks - The 30th of each month
October 30, 10am - 12pm
Contact Eric Chatt for more information at (719) 838-0143

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