Listening to the radio a week ago I heard a physicist having a conversation about beauty and nature. He asked the question. Does nature inspire beautiful ideas? A beautiful idea can come in many forms: a math equation, a poem, a sculpture, an educational approach, crafts, a song, a design, literature, social solutions, environmental solutions, a different perspective on reality, the possibilities are limitless. Different ideas may come from sitting by a stream or strolling through the woods than in other situations. Nature does inspire beautiful ideas.

Thinking about this question spawned more questions. How can being in nature and understanding the natural world contribute to beautiful ideas? How can we nourish the will to preserve the diversity and habitat of creatures on our planet? How has mindful practice evolved with being in nature? How does nature and our understanding of our place in the web of life influence our behavior and creative processes? How can being in nature help us become better stewards of our lands? How do beautiful ideas get inspired by nature and why is it so important today?

In my Naturopathic Philosophy class Bill Mitchell N.D. used to say that consciousness jumps in revelatory quanta. He said that often we kind of plateau at points with our understanding of things and that certain ideas, revelations, or experiences can catapult our conscious thinking into a different orbital if you are using atomic theory as an analogy. In life, information and experience can change our perspective and our ways of being. Mindful practice can help with our own health and the health of the environment. And getting back to nature in an intentional and mindful way could be more important than we realize.

Many Beaver Ponds hosted events, workshops, hikes, and projects have indeed been a beautiful interplay between educational opportunities, immersion in nature, hands-on projects, citizen science, community outreach, and directly working with the land. With collaborations between a vast array of local organizations and community members, our outreach is diverse and dynamic. We truly value the contributions of so many people in helping with our mission of providing tools and resources to inspire others to be better stewards of our Earth. Thank You!

Eric Chatt N.D.
BPEEC Site Manager