Llamas, chickens and goats, oh my!
And clean, renewable energy from our windmill.

Watershed Protection

Our labor of love is maintaining and
improving this place we call home.


Environmental education helping people
become better stewards of the earth.

beaver ponds environmental education center

Events & Programs

There's always something fun to do at Beaver Ponds.
Here are some upcoming programs and events.

Plant Walks - The 30th of each month
September 30, 10am - 12pm
Contact Eric Chatt for more information at (719) 838-0143

Plant Walks - The 30th of each month
October 30, 10am - 12pm
Contact Eric Chatt for more information at (719) 838-0143

Latest Posts

Recipe Roundup

Recipe Roundup

Cabbage Squash & Mushroom Sauté ¼ head of cabbage, slice in strips 3 large mushrooms, sliced 1 medium yellow squash, lightly peeled and sliced thin. 3Tbs. olive oil ½ tsp. celery seed Season to taste Instructions: In a medium sauté pan heat the olive oil. Add all...

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Penstemon Salve

The beautiful Penstemon is another plant that can be utilized topically in homemade salves.  The whole plant is used by chopping it into fine pieces, using a food processor, juicer, or a blender.  One recipe from herbalist, Michael Moore, suggests using equal parts...

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Recipe Roundup

Where does our food come from? This month’s recipe provides a great opportunity to teach kids about a variety of vegetables, herbs and spices, where the vegetables were grown or where they came from, and what part of the plant is used in the recipe (the root, leaves,...

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Did you know that plant-based dyeing used to be a mainstream practice? This was especially true through the use of indigo and dates back to ancient times. Weaving of and printing on fine textiles formed part of a continuous tradition. Today, natural dyes are experiencing a revival due to not only being more skin-friendly and biodegradable, but also for the pure depth of beauty and color this ancient art brings.

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PO Box 995
2234 Busch Run Road
Fairplay, CO 80440

Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center (BPEEC) helps people of all ages experientially learn about domestic livestock, horticulture, green energy generation and environmental conservation in a high-alpine, natural setting at Sacramento Creek Ranch near Fairplay, Colorado.





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