The beautiful Penstemon is another plant that can be utilized topically in homemade salves.  The whole plant is used by chopping it into fine pieces, using a food processor, juicer, or a blender.  One recipe from herbalist, Michael Moore, suggests using equal parts processed Penstemon and an equal part of apricot kernel, almond, or olive oil.  This combination is placed in a warm place for a minimum of one week.  Then it is pressed through muslin or cheesecloth and heated enough to melt the appropriate amount of beeswax for the salve.  All of this is then poured into a wide-mouth jar and stirred briefly.  This salve is recommended for epidermis (skin) irritation treatment and prevention.  As always with topical herbal products, apply to a small test area of skin first as a test for any reaction or sensitivity to the product.