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The solar hot water (solar hydronic) system at Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center helps heat water for domestic use and radiant floor heating. The active solar hot water system employs an indirect circulation method so the system can be used year round. This system can produce up to 160 Kbtu/day, with the excess heat pumped to the geothermal field to supplement the geothermal heat pump.


Solar hydronics involves moving heat using water. Solar water heating works by using heat from the sun and trapping it, employing the “greenhouse effect.” The system produces heat as shortwave radiation light strikes the collector’s absorber. Then, water, or other fluid, in the collector uses the trapped heat to warm homes.

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Plant Walks - The 30th of each month
September 30, 10am - 12pm
Contact Eric Chatt for more information at (719) 838-0143

Plant Walks - The 30th of each month
October 30, 10am - 12pm
Contact Eric Chatt for more information at (719) 838-0143

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