Sustainable Building Design

Living structure

Holding true to the mission of Beaver Ponds, the use of sustainable materials and methods are used throughout the living structure.

The structure is positioned to maximize passive solar heating from its south-facing windows. It is built into the south-facing hillside to help insulate the lower floor. The northern wall has few windows, to reduce infiltration of unheated air on the north side of the house. 

During construction, re-purposed flooring and doors were used throughout the building. The rugs and carpets are made out of recycled water bottles. A unique ventilation system captures the heat generated by the wood stove in the living quarters and distributes the heat to the bedrooms, conference room, and office. In conjunction with the geothermal heat pump and solar hydronics, hot water is supplied to the radiant floor heating system, which is used throughout the structure.   

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