Watershed Protection at BPEEC

Beaver Ponds is located at the headwaters of one of Colorado’s major rivers, so we take watershed protection very seriously. Our Sacramento Creek Protection Plan uses both science and community collaboration to promote stewardship, education and conservation. This summer we will continue collaborating with River Watch to monitor water quality in Sacramento Creek. Through collaboration with Mountain Area Land Trust who gave us access to two additional properties, we will also monitor Pennsylvania Creek and the Middle Fork of the South Platte. We monitor multiple parameters including capturing and identifying the resident aquatic macroinvertebrates (water insects) to determine how clean the streams are. We will also look at the health of these streams through surveys. We physically walk the streams and record data about erosion, vegetation, temperature and other parameters. This summer we will include a survey of Little Sacramento Creek. The survey data will provide a baseline to help us identify any changes in water quality or stream health. We have three great volunteers who are indispensable in this effort as well as two new interns. If you’d like to learn about water quality and don’t mind getting your feet wet, please consider volunteering!

Krissy Barrett
BPEEC Program Coordinator